Saturday Stuff

Well I tried.  My brain is full, I dove into some politics, and came away with that same sick feeling that I’ve gotten every time for the past few years.  So, at least I got some stuff out of my system for a few weeks hopefully.

But, I have no ideas for topics today. How about whatever you want to talk about, whatever is important to you, things that matter.
Or not. Just want a space today for conversation, whether serious or goofy. Have at it. Welcome to the porch, on a beautiful Saturday.

Note: late Friday night I found something worth posting, worth sharing and praising. These pastors are incredibly courageous, and God bless them immensely for their faith!
Pastors and Christians in the west should be so bold, and take heed…

116 Chinese Pastors sign joint statement on China’s new religious regulations.

Wow. New additions to the hall of Faith. Keep them and their flocks in prayers.

have a blessed day all.

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