Tuesday Tunes

Music is universal, and has been in existence from the beginning of time, or probably even longer, since music was created by God.

I can’t imagine life or living without music. Our lives have been shaped by it, moods influenced by it, memories sparked by a song, film enhanced by it and faith strengthened by it. Life would be so dull and colorless without it.

I guess the point is that like everything in our world, music is. What you get out of it, what you find in it, its not necessarily the song, style or lyrics, but the place of the heart of the hearer.

My growing up was influenced by a lot of music styles. When I was little, it was mostly albums and singles my mom and dad had and we kids would spend a lot of times down in the basement playing (and performing) stuff by Elvis, Mama Cass, and the Carpenters. When I got a little older, my brother gave me my first album when I was 5. Gordon Lightfoot’s Summertime Dream, which also featured the the song The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

When I got a little older, he bought me my first Moody Blues album for Christmas. I gotta say he had good taste 🙂 I also used to hang around him and his friends when he got old enough to start working on go carts and cars, and they always had a radio blasting everything from Led Zepplin, Boston, Peter Frampton, Steve Miller Band and Genesis.

Still older, now a teen, I discovered my mom & dad’s passion for Jazz greats such as Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and Big band biggies like the Andrew Sisters and Glenn Miller and his orchestra.

I love pretty much all kinds of music, country, classic rock, some of the ‘grunge’ stuff from the 90’s and yikes, even learning to tolerate some hip hop style of TobyMac.

Music doesn’t necessarily have to be about anything, but just enjoyable to listen to, or it could be that we find healing or a message for our moods. Sometimes it’s good just to rock on…

When it comes to music, sometimes it’s worth listening to- if only to open our eyes.

Understanding that there are different worship styles that yes, can be found in secular music as well as not so scriptural based Christian music which is still good to listen to. Secular music is secular, but again, what one takes out of it, depends on the heart of the listener. As with everything, what appeals to one person, won’t appeal to all- and when it comes to Christian believers listening to music, to one person, a song can have a message that either inspires or teaches, but to another, they may feel the song is something they need to stay away from.

It’s understandable and there are some songs I just won’t listen to anymore. But music is different meanings, memories and moods for different listeners.

Daisy and I have long considered having a music night on the HB, but we didn’t want to just post for the sake of everyone posting random music and not interacting much. We wanted the same thing for our open music threads as we do for everything we post here- to spark discussions or stories, to make folks think, and to have meaning. So we finally decided to get on the ball after Walter brought it up, and here’s our first taste of Tuesday Tunes, which we hope will be a regular weekly feature.

You might not enjoy or appreciate every single song, but that’s ok- you can post the ones which invoke memories or inspiration or just have fun listening to. Kind of like this one,


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