Porch Country

Well I find myself again with no ideas of what to write about for today, so this will be another open thread for whatever y’all want to talk about or post.

I did think of a video Daisy posted for the Tuesday Tunes music thread though.  I absolutely loved it for so many reasons, and just want to post it again for anyone who might have missed it.  As I told her the other night, I love the way old greats are in this along with newer folks and so many others I’ve enjoyed over the years.  Makes me miss a little touch of country, which I haven’t really listened to since I moved here.  I don’t know why. Maybe just too many memories.  Or because my life has for a while played like a country song enough already.  But maybe I’ll throw on a little later even if it does remind me too much of missing country roads…..

Enjoy the porch, have a blessed day y’all ♥

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