RED Friday… Why RED?


I don’t wear it to continue a fad,
I don’t wear RED to provoke something bad
RED is a color not really for me
But I wear it on Fridays so people will remember
Who helps us be free

I don’t wear it for kicks
I don’t promote it simply for clicks
I try to make people aware
To think of our deployed troops
Is my way to help people care

I don’t wear RED to be bold and loud
nor do I wear it to stand out in a crowd
I do it for reasons that some understand
It’s remembering and honoring
Those who still defend our land

I will wear RED as long as I see
My friends and their brothers fighting for me
I do it for reasons I can’t explain
Hoping and waiting and I always pray
Until they come home and they can finally stay.

God Bless our Troops. Keep them ever in Your care Lord.

Thank you Daisy girl, for that great video find!

Have a safe and blessed RED Friday all ♥

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