Tuesday Tunes

American Boy has been playing his car racing game on his PS4, he calls me in every now and then to ask what the song is that’s playing.  He has set a lot to classical music, which kind of surprised me, but it’s a great way for him to learn of the classical composers.

So, Bugs is all decked out on the piano, I have Beethoven playing softly in the background as I throw this open music thread together- I think it’s a good time to listen to some calming or rowdy, which ever you prefer classics.

You don’t have to keep to the classical topic, this is Tuesday Tunes and you play whatever tunes your heartbeat.

Maestro please….

…for your calm.

(why do I always think now of Schroeder from Peanuts when I hear this?!) 😀

For your rowdy….

(You knew I’d have to post this version of Wagner lol)

Have a great evenin’ all!

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