There’s a lot of talk lately about some of our leaders in DC all of a sudden finding their backbones.  Is it really possible for a swamp rat to change into a fierce and feisty fightin’ gator? That’s highly doubtful  in the swamp that these rats infest.

We hear a lot of talk about this swamp. We’ve all known it’s been there all along, but what exactly is the swamp, and why should it matter to we the people?

The swamp is geographically Washington DC, but in a metaphysical sense its just a place where values change

I think we have a bi partisan bankruptcy going on, I think both parties are engaged in a quiet deal that we will support our base and if it leads to bankruptcy okay, and you will support your base and if it leads to bankruptcy okay and because both party’s are more interested in supporting those special interests groups in looking the other way when the other party supports the special interest groups”  Ken Buck

The incentive should be all about the people we represent”  Rod Blum

This isn’t long, but it is the first installment of a series we’ll be featuring here once a week; full of interesting facts and nuggets of truth you won’t hear in any sound bites from the media.

Have a listen then discus.

Episode 1 – “Meet the Troublemakers. They didn’t run for Congress to serve other congressmen. They’re uncensored, they’re tough, and they’re ready to shake things up … in The Swamp.

This is an Open Thread

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