Tuesday Tunes

Well Howdy!  I hope everyone had a safe and blessed day.  Let’s hope tonight’s tunes won’t be interrupted by Suffer’s monkeys like we were last week.  Speaking of last week, because of you tube’s monkeys I had to dig into my vault of music I’ve downloaded over the years back when I had an Mp3 player.  Some of that stuff I haven’t listened to in a few years… which sometimes can be a good thing because it brings back good and not so good memories.

But it’s also good because it gives a new appreciation of some songs I’ve really loved.

I know, country isn’t for most folks, but that’s my choice tonight.  You play whatever your choices are- that’s what Tuesday tunes is all about. Unwind, kick off your shoes… and how about a little pickin’ on the porch!

Have a great evenin’ y’all!

PS- If you actually watch this whole video, there’s a hint in it about next week’s tunes, courtesy of AK Brother 🙂

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