RED Friday on the Porch

My time on the porch has rejuvenated my soul. Healed my faith. Restored my wisdom. Comforted my pain.  The sound of silence has been filled. The silence has been replaced by the peacefulness of this porch.”  Mean Green

This beautiful place exists.” Snake Eater

This place. What does RED Friday have to do with it?

I’ve been thinking about ‘our boys’, gone again- and how much we miss them when they are gone.  I know that this place is here for anyone who happens along and finds it, and hopefully they find the same peace that many of us do when we’re here.   But when they’re gone, I wish we could find a way to send the porch to them- not just MG & Snake, but to all of our deployed.

For almost as long as I’ve known him, I’ve told myGB that I’d leave the candle burning until he comes home.  I want them to know we’ll always have the candles burning here until they all come home.

We can’t send the porch to them, no matter how much I’d like to, but knowing that when they are home, they find that bit of a peaceful, beautiful place where God is- that’s almost as good.  Its because of everyone here that this place exists.  It’s not only for them, but the fact remains, our Fridays would be so much more blessed if we never had to wear RED anymore.

Until that day, our porch is a place that can draw our weary soldiers, and our weary neighbors, those who are tired fighting the evil, pride, arrogance, selfishness, mean spirit that permeates so much of our world.

To those having to be gone again, I pray you’ll find the spirit of this place whenever things are hard and dark.  The Light is here, and He’s where you are too.  Be safe, rest in Him and know that you are loved.

Daisy posted this about a month or so ago, and I think it fits today’s porch post.

And, sending Psalm 91 prayers always,

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