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The featured artist in the spotlight this week is a former member of a band that has really blossomed in the spotlight as a solo artist.

Tauren Wells got his start in the band Royal Tailor which developed during time at Indiana Bible College,   In 2011, Royal Tailor released it’s first album, Black & White, which received a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album. Even with success, the group was short lived as band members eventually went off in different directions, getting married and settling into family life.

Speaking of family life, Tauren’s family is definitely a big part of his.  When he’s not touring, he’s on staff at  his wife’s dad’s church in Houston and they also began a private music academy which has two locations, with about 100 students.  The young couple have three young’uns and you can read more about his home life here, which really shows how grounded he is in his faith and family.

The article also goes into a little bit about his music,  and when it comes to his own music, he wants to have a message that impacts people.  Whenever he gets ready to leave family to go on tour, his oldest son is starting to understand that daddy has to go- so Tauren is sure to tell him why it’s important- “I tell him, ‘You know why I’m leaving? To tell people about Jesus.”

Tauren’s music is something he wants people to take a journey on.  “I want people to learn who they are. If you’re going to learn who you are though, you’re going to have to start with why….”

His music style is about as diverse as the music he listened to growing up. Listening and enjoying everything from ZZ Top, Prince and Wynonna Judd and then black gospel singers, he credits all for adding to his own style.

While this song is a favorite here on the porch,

It was also a favorite as it was another Grammy nominated song, which was in the top 10 songs for weeks on Christian charts.

There are so many other songs of his I’m getting to know and appreciate.

His song Known, according to the linked article, is one of his favorites (and mine too). The song he describes, was inspired by a quote from Timothy Keller that says, “To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial. To be known and not loved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known and truly loved is, well, a lot like being loved by God.”   When quoting that, he says, “I get goosebumps quoting it because the reality that God sees me entirely. Knows me fully and yet loves me truly is incomprehensible grace.

I believe he really does the quote justice…

I know at least one of his other songs folks will post, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else folks dig up and share.  He’s a smart guy, has great messages and his music reflects those qualities and his deep faith in Jesus.

Have a blessed Sunday all!

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