By American Duckie

I enjoy a good read when I have time to read, and sometimes if it’s a real good book, I can go through 600 pages in about 2 and a half days if I don’t have anything else to do.

But I have to ask, even with your favorite book, have you ever read the whole thing in 12 hours?  10?   Can you imagine reading the whole Bible twice in 10 hours?  Even speed readers could find that a challenge, while retaining every important fact covered.

Yet, our amazingly, highly intelligent, super morally upstanding,  powerfully efficient and dedicated congress does this kind of reading when every bill that effects each of us is brought before them.  Usually within hours of a vote.

So yep. Votes count. And most vote for it, because they need to know what’s in it.  It pleases the lobbyists and special non elected interests.

And then you and I are stuck with it.

Enjoy getting frustrated….  we bring you part 2 of THE SWAMP

PS- Be sure to watch to the very end, you’re going to love the message back to the Whip from Ken Buck  😉

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