Tuesday Tunes

Well last week I gave a little hint on what tonight’s tunes would be….  it had a little to do with traveling, and Brad Paisley’s video featuring 8 countries in 8 days.  That would be exhausting even to those who love to travel.

This week’s video comes from AK brother who sent it to Daisy a few weeks ago when we started talking ‘out loud’ about having a music thread here every week.  I watched the video and loved it.

The singer is Dan Bremnes, and his song Wherever I Go, was shot during an adventure around the world in 8 days.

If you’re interested in the story and scenes behind it, you can catch each part from here beginning with part 1-

So, I hope everyone enjoys tonight’s traveling theme… share it, show it, crank it…

Here are a couple more to get us in the mood,

Have a great evenin’ all!

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