God gives different gifts to different people for sharing His good news- by teaching, exhorting,  building relationships, mercy (charity) and preaching. I’ve found much the same differences in ways of sharing through Christian music.

While there is a lot of ‘fluff’ out there, some of which is still good stuff, just not overtly message driven, this next band I’ve been checking out more, definitely has a lot to offer in real messages about Who should be praised.

Like a lot of the bands we’ve been shining the spotlight on, I don’t know a lot of their music, mostly the popular songs played on the radio.  But going a little deeper into the band 7eventh Time Down, I’ve discovered they have a musical style that is a comparable range from AC/DC and Led Zepplin to Johnny Cash and The Allman Brothers…

For our folks here who love hard rock/metal- This first song featured, Religious and Famous, has a message which I really think those who prefer the softer side of things would appreciate.

Down home, southern to the bone
we’ve made mistakes, God only knows
From L.A. to New York we’ve been enticed
but You saved our lives

Never gonna put our name in lights

We are not religious and famous
We don’t wanna be the ones that you talk about
Never wanna be religious and famous
We are the ones who will remain nameless

About their music, band members describe it this way, “The day this band becomes more about lifting ourselves up instead of lifting Jesus up is the day we quit. We want to make the name of Jesus the focus of everything we do in our band and in our lives. We got to share what Jesus has done for us in this song and how we have no choice but to tell others. We love playing this song. And we are really excited to share it with everybody.

That sentiment is more than just a sentiment for this band, as evidenced by their song (which I just ‘discovered’ a few weeks ago) Just Say Jesus.

I just love this song, and have often just said His Name when I don’t know what to pray anymore.  Because there is Power in the Name!

They are from Kentucky, and have always had a desire to not only inspire Christians in their every day lives, but get the gospel message out.  Lead singer Mikey Howard observes, “...For non-believers, I hope it’s inspiring for them to want to know who Jesus is. We want to present the gospel in a way that is intriguing and makes it a train that you want to jump on board of.”

The band is made up of best buds which also includes  Eric Vanzant (guitar), Cliff Williams (bass), and Austin Miller (drums) who all felt the call from God to do music ministry.

Bassist, Cliff Howard describes their music in an interesting way,  “We want people to know that being saved and believing in God is exciting to us. I call it warfare, but it’s the most beautiful type of warfare because it’s warfare with no casualties. We’re warriors in a spiritual warfare. This is our craft and lyrics, guitars, bass, drums, melodies are our weapons and our tools. It’s a beautiful type of warfare. It’s love and excitement.

They know that one of the best ways of spiritual warfare is to get up and do something, as they sing about in,

They also have their own way of getting up and doing something as they have been active in the Christian organization Cure International which provides medical care for kids suffering primarily from orthopedic and neurological conditions.  They operate hospitals in places such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Niger, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates. The organization also runs specialty programs for clubfoot and hydrocephalus in 19 other countries including Bangladesh and Honduras.

Describing their role in helping Cure, they have this to say, “… Some of the events we’ve been able to be a part of with Cure have raised money to cover almost 40 surgeries for kids in third world countries. Kids that couldn’t walk are now dancing for Jesus. Teen girls born with cleft pallets are now able to look in the mirror and see themselves as Christ does. Beautiful!  We are eternally grateful to be able to help in some small way with the huge work God is doing through Cure.”

Like many other artists we’ve featured here, 7eventh Time Down walks the talk and are a great example of a faithful band who uses their gifts, talents and time for the Lord.

I hope folks find some new favorite songs to share here 🙂

Have a blessed Sunday all!

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