Once a Jew, Always a Jew…


Since the horrific and evil mass murder at the synagogue in Pittsburgh which killed 11, there has been a lot of blame, finger pointing and politics injected into what ought to be compassion and remembrance of those who died.  Unfortunately Jews are as much a political point as they are a religious/secular hot button.  I don’t say that out of any kind of hateful heart but a loving one which cares about people, and cares about those who God set apart for His own thousands of years ago.

There is so much division when it comes to Jews and Israel, and unfortunately much of it comes from the Christian denominations.  First there were those who claimed Jews “killed Jesus” and in history some pretty gruesome stories were spread about Jews because of it.

Then there’s the so called ‘replacement theory’ which some believe the Jews have no part in God’s plans because they’ve been ‘replaced’ by the church along with the covenant, then there’s the liberal church which embraces palestinian causes while joining the anti Israel BDS movement while comparing the nation of being an apartheid state.

Unfortunately the church (many denominations) history has a long sordid and demonically inspired antisemitic and/or anti Israel ideologies which understandably hasn’t endeared Christians to Jews either.

An interesting talking point I’ve observed by many more liberal/secular Jews over the years is their disdain and mistrust of Bible believing Christians because they claim we only want Jews to ‘convert’ so we can bring on the apocalypse.

There is so much in that idea alone that would take a whole article to dissect it, but one thing I have to address is the notion that somehow we can bring on the end times is the furthest thing away from any Bible believing Christian- because we know God has His own timing, His plans and His ways.

I’ve had a lot of discussions over the years with Messianic Jews and non observing Jews concerning “religion” and more specifically the question of the  Jewish Messiah. One of the strongest aversions by Jews concerning Christianity is the erroneous idea that a Jew who accepts Jesus as Messiah is no longer a Jew, and to follow a gentile religion is akin to forsaking Jewish heritage and tradition.

There may be a lot of people who would suggest that trying to share Jesus with Jews is somehow Antisemitic or a deep offense, but there are millions of Jews who try to keep on sharing the Truth with fellow Jews.  It’s amazing to hear stories of those who have accepted Yeshua as Messiah and their Savior, and I wanted to share a video and a great article that might help folks understand how hard it is once a Jew comes to Christ, and to see how logical the discussion is, if they would only have ears to hear.

This isn’t necessarily directed at non observing Jews who love tradition but don’t believe the Torah accounts of a Creator God, but more at those who recoil in horror at the thought of losing their identity should they even consider learning more about Jesus.

“From one Book, the Hebrew Scriptures, have come two faiths. One faith says: We’d rather die than confess the name of Jesus. The other faith says: We’d rather die than deny the name of Jesus. One faith says: There are two Messiahs who will only come once. The other faith says: There is one Messiah but he will come twice….”

Who is right? 

Read here to find out. 

Simply put, Yeshua was Jewish, born of a Jewish mother, the disciples were observant Jews, and Paul was one of the Pharisees, raised in the tradition and law of Moses. Jews who have accepted Yeshua as Messiah are still Jews as they always were.

David’s story is typical, both from his own search for truth, and the reaction of his family and others.

In the aftermath not only of the synagogue massacre, but with so many atrocities happening in our world, we hear more people pleading to stop the hate.

There’s only One who has ever told us to love our enemies, and to love one another.  If  one wonders just how Yeshua can change a life and impact others, call out to Him, and ask if He is real, to reveal Himself to you.  There’s only One Savior and He loves you so very much.

שיהיה לך יום מבורך

Have a blessed day!

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