RED Friday Remembrance

This coming Sunday is Veteran’s Day. We’ll have a special article from Walter for that, so I thought for today’s RED we would take time a little early to honor and thank our incredibe Veterans for their service and sacrifices, as well as our ongoing gratitude to those serving now.

While it is Veteran’s Day November 11th, for growing up in Canada, or Britain, it is also Remembrance Day to remember the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for freedom.

A few years ago, I wrote a poem for my Canadian and my American Thanks, and set it to a video.

While it may seem odd to re post some of these sometimes, the words are from my heart whether they were written 5 years ago, 3 years ago or today.  And sometimes I have no words that will ever describe how grateful… so incredibly grateful I am to all who have given so much for me.

I’ve driven or rode along this highway all my growing up years, it’s a major east/west route that is traveled by millions daily.  They renamed a large stretch of the 401 “Highway of Heroes” after I had moved to the States.  But every time I see this, I know so many of these places and bridges… and my heart is there while my tears fall here.

Lord, thank You for those who have answered a call to try and bring peace into our world, to defend the weak and liberate the oppressed.  Please bless all our Veterans, and let them know how much they are loved, and that they do still have so much purpose in life after service.  Please bless and keep those who continue to bear the torch that others have handed to them… protect them and let them feel Your presence wherever they are. Keep them safe Lord please, and bless their families.

From the bottom of my heart to all who have served, my gratitude and humble thank You.

To those serving now,
MG, Snake… love you. miss you. Be safe.

Have a blessed RED Friday all.

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