Play Time on the Porch

Oh no… the duck is getting nostalgic again….

When my family moved up to the boonies, I had just turned 15, and school was done for the summer.  Being the new kid around the town of 500,  I had a lot of time on my hands lol.  My mom had gotten me a job at a horse training farm a few miles away if I rode my bike through the ‘short cut’ ( down to the end of our road, then along a bumpy trail through the forest, then across a huge open field to the other road, then to the steep drop down the side of the ‘mountain’ around a curve and under the railroad bridge)… the farm was the first right after that.

Man I loved that place. It was great. If I got to work early, I could eat breakfast with the farm hands at the main house.  The only problem about getting there early was fighting the bird sized mosquitoes all the way through the forest. Remember the swarm of bees in cartoons that would form into an exclamation mark then take off after their prey?  Yep. Just like that.  I swear I could have out ridden the devil on that stretch of path.

Getting there was the easy part.  Going home after about 5 hours of mucking stalls, feeding, watering and brushing down horses was an all up hill ‘mountain’ ride. It was brutal.  Then my mom refused me entry into the house until I went in the garage and got out of my smelly horsey clothes lol.

Hours after work,  my days off and weekends,  there wasn’t much to do but go down to the park, do a little swimming, or explore our property.  We lived on the Niagara Escarpment, and yes, I actually had a cliff in my back yard. We had 3 acres up top and 5 going down towards the back property line of the Credit River.

So what’s an adventurous 15 year old girl with no friends to do?

Build forts- and lots of them!

That was one of the best times of my life. I loved hunting for just the right branches and trees, stony outcrops and spent a lot of time picking the tall grass from the side of our road for thatched roofs.  Most of the forts I built survived and I used them for adventures in the winter too.   Huddled around a small fire pit toasting me and my black lab Shan, he was my sled dog and he and I were trapped in our shelter as the arctic blizzard hid everything for a hundred miles around.  In summer, he was my faithful companion down to the river where we’d go swimming in our own private swimming hole, complete with natural stone water slide.  “Panning for gold”, we’d head back to our shack and count our treasures.

Forts were so cool, and I never quite got over that desire to build them, and I did until I was about 18 and working/going to school full time.  Another thing I always wanted to do, but never did was build tree houses.

It’d be real cool to live in one, but impractical unless I was still a kid or rich enough to find an island of my own to build one.  I’d need a new trusty companion for that too, as I don’t think Jane Deere would go for that lol.
If you did anything interesting as a kid or had adventures, tell us about it.  Other than that, this is an open thread so have fun!

Happy Saturday all! Have a blessed day.

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