Thankfulness Part One

Gearing up for Thanksgiving next week, it’d be a good time to start thinking about all the things that the Lord has done and being grateful for His blessings, goodness, grace, mercy and love.

Suffer’s church just started a new series on the subject, you’ll have to ask him how many parts there will be, but I’ve watched this one a couple of times now, and it’s excellent… and timely.

We’ll try and get the next one up for next week, which is Thanksgiving, but no matter if there are more than this one and next week, every day is an opportunity to give thanks to the Lord.  Remembering all He has given, and having an attitude of gratitude for it, is a great way, and one of  God’s Antidote for Anxiety….

Have a blessed Thursday all! (PS- I hope it works, but I set it to start about 55 seconds in).

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