Saturday Old Time on the Christmas Porch

Ohhhh boy, I guess  I won’t be able to keep off the Christmas stuff around here since so many are intent on (as lawngren puts it) Letting “the Lord be heard first and getting in a punch at the “moneychangers” before they hit their full stride this year.

I guess we need to start decorating the porch now that Thanksgiving is over and the Season so many of us are most Thankful for is coming up quickly.

I intend for this day to be a lazy one for everyone since I’m a little halfway into my 4 day weekend by now.

For today,  I have nothing much, but thought it’d be cool to listen to the season like folks in the old days did- through the radio.

Someone throw another log on the fire please,  so we can get warmed up here….

Pull up that chair, grab a blanket and hot chocolate… and hush now while I tune this dial… ah, here it is everyone!

Have a blessed Saturday all!

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