RED Friday- Remembering Pearl Harbor

So much of the country was in utter shock and many others angry at such a devious attack which happened on Pearl Harbor that Sunday morning of December 7, 1941.

The first wave of Japanese fighters fired on the island at 7:55 a.m. Hawaiian time and five additional attacks followed throughout the day. Those on the military base were caught unprepared as they expected any attack, if one occurred, would come from ships and subs armed with torpedoes. They never expected an air attack.

And yet, as many don’t realize, because they were never taught, it wasn’t such a surprise. One of the things that Tinlizzieowner proudly showed me the first time I met him at the Military Heritage Museum where he and Mrs. Tin used to volunteer at, was an old newspaper front page from the Honolulu Advertiser which was dated Nov 30, 1941.

The headline? “Japanese May Strike over Weekend!”

You can just barely make out the headline on the lower right newspaper.

Tin went on to explain that government agents  managed to get hold of and destroy almost all the papers’ front pages. However, a few people reportedly managed to save copies front page of the Advertiser and hide them.  There are a precious few in collections around the country, including the one at the Museum.

More than 2,400 Americans sailors, soldiers, and civilians died during the attack and another 1,000 were wounded.  The fact that there had been rumors of an imminent  attack and any understanding of what our government knew will rest along with those who died that day.

There will always be more sides than one to any story, any deed and any event in history- and while some sides are buried, thankfully those who went and beat back evil from our world will always be honored.

It was an event that shook our nation, which went on to shape our future.  It truly was a day of infamy.

To all who have served, and those serving now, Thank You!!

We’ll always continue to keep our troops in our prayers.  Be safe, God watch over and bless you.

Have a safe and blessed RED Friday all.

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