Saturday- it’s Porch Time!

It’s been quite a while since we posted “good news” stories on here.  There’s always so much crud going on that one can get overwhelmed even just checking out their local news sources.  So, without further ado,

Just in case folks missed it, I posted this in a comment on Thursday’s Thankful Sermon story, and it goes just right with it, as this is such an incredible display of thankfulness to those who’ve served our country…

You can read about Santa taking a knee to Thank a Veteran here.

Here’s something cool for Christmas too.  This neighborhood has their very own Clark Griswold complete with the bedazzling 7,500 bulbs and 300 strands of lights.  But what folks really need to do is check out is Eddie’s RV

I love these kinds of angels. As someone who’s not a stranger to car problems in my past, this one truly is an Angel who came at a desperate time for this mom..

Gotta love Hockey eh!  The Teddy Bear toss has been a long time December tradition which began in Kamloops British Columbia Canada with the Junior League team Blazers.  The first recorded toss was in 1993 when fans bringing stuffed toys threw a few hundred toy bears on the ice after the first home team goal scored. The toys are collected and donated as presents to hospitals and charities. Over the years thousands have been collected. But this year’s toss tradition at Sunday’s game in Hershey Pennsylvania, home of the Hershey Bears, claimed a new world record, with 34,798 stuffed animals tossed onto the ice! Way to go!!

Not only that, but Pennsylvania charity CommunityAid had pledged to donate 50 cents per stuffed animal thrown (up to $15,000) and an anonymous season ticket holder pledged $1 per stuffed animal which helped bring in thousands more in money donations as well. The Bears say the stuffed animals will be donated to 30 different local organizations for distribution to needy kids. Makes me miss going to hockey games.
This next story is awesome too. And shows that a) Can’t judge a book by it’s cover and b) there are still honest people out there who no matter the circumstances, honesty is truly the best policy.  Some folks would think this man was a fool, some would claim that most people wouldn’t have done what he did, but some of us know God sees our hearts, and can keep us from temptation no matter how dire things might be. God bless this man

OK two more-

First up, from Texas-  all I can say is I love Farmers.

And in California, 13 year old doggeh and 93 year old Marine Veteran received each other for Christmas this year ♥  George Johnson adopted Sam the German Shepherd when Sam’s owner was deployed.  Since Sam had no one to look after him, he was going to be euthanized. George said No way…..

It’s a beautiful day here on the porch.  Come set for a while.

Happy Saturday all. Have a blessed day!

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