Note, this is a ‘tweeked’ repost of an article from October 2017. I was inspired to post it again after doing my devotional today because sharing our stories is important, and helping to encourage others to share theirs is what it’s all about here.~Duckie

Years ago someone asked me to give my testimony on their blog- but at the time, I didn’t know how to describe it so people would believe it. This was a long time ago, and I was still pretty new at sharing much of myself or my faith, and she only gave us a little bit of space for sharing our stories on how Jesus made Himself real to us. Fast forward about a year and a half ago when I shared my full story on politibrew.

It’s not just about sharing our stories for unbelievers or those who are seeking the truth, but sharing with each other hoping to encourage and make us think about how we share with others… and to whom.

I want to start something a little different here, something for believers, but not.  Sharing our testimonies, and also share hard questions we’ve come across from people who are skeptical, yet willing to discuss issues and circumstances in life and how the Gospel and belief in Jesus relates to it all.  I don’t know how many others read or happen upon some of the articles who don’t comment, or how something we share here will maybe help someone who might have questions or similar circumstances to know that Jesus is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Today I want to start on testimonies, and this is where the “God thing” comes in. At church Sunday our pastor talked about the fact that we’re commanded to be witnesses, not to win souls. It was funny how he mentioned soul winning, and then said that some folks would consider it heresy to say we’re not to win souls for Christ. Yet it’s true- no where did Jesus command us to go convert- He said to go share.  And when we share our stories, no one can refute personal events the way they try to with sharing the Gospel only.

Our stories are His story, so when we share ours, we are sharing what He has done personally in our lives, which is His story.

Since Daisy reminded me (back when I first did this article) of Richard Andrew, which Suffer had sent me his CD a couple of years ago, I needed to listen to Richard’s testimony- and then I knew I needed to share it here.  His story proves that God can reach anyone, no matter how “big” or “little” our sins are, where we are or what we’ve done. All it takes is a willing heart of a believer to share and God’s Holy Spirit to work.  We don’t win souls. God does.  He only requires us to share our stories so people will hear His Story.

Richard sings a few of his original songs on this, but since it’s a long video, I’ve embedded it to start 12 minutes in when he begins his testimony.

This next testimony I found comes from an organization I’ve not heard of until now. Looking at their site, they seem to do an amazing work sharing the Gospel with Muslims and others in the M.E. but with everything we haven’t had a chance to vet or verify yet, make sure you do your own if you want to check them out more.  But given the amazing stories of Muslims coming to Christ around the world, this story doesn’t surprise me.

This next and last one is Lee Strobel most well known for his coming to believe after doing a lengthy and very detailed investigation on the birth, life/ministry and death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s not very long, but Strobel is entertaining, and he gives some great stories in this.

Not all of us have a fantastical story. Most of us are pretty ordinary, but everyone has a story, and when we share ours, we share His. And people need a chance to hear the same forgiveness and redemption that we did.

Have a safe and blessed Monday and week all!

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