Climate Change III… Not quite more of the same…

by Walter Mow

Opinion poll taken by the Daily Caller, September 30, 2015: Is Climate Change a hoax? 94% responded yes; 4% no; 3% not sure.

Hotly debated by both sides, with claims of deception and downright falsehoods by both parties, is there no consensus to be had? Unfortunately, No … and this is the most deceptive part of the entire debate. If anyone dares disagree with the scientific community that supports the theory that Climate Change is the result of man’s actions they are deemed “Deniers”.

Contradictory evidence is ignored, rejected as outside the discussion or denied a fair hearing. Is this the way to conduct serious scientific discussion?”… Again NO!

”To acquire wealth is difficult, to preserve it more difficult, but to spend it wisely is the most difficult of all”, English editor and literature, Edward Parsons Day.

Even after spending billions to validate their claims, no negligible effect has been noticed in the distribution of GHGs, nor can they point to a decline in these gases. To justify spending with no negligible results is dishonest and only leads to more distrust of those individuals that claim Climate Change as being detrimental to mankind.

Has Climate Change  become the new religion of the left? Webster’s dictionary defines “Idolatry” as the “Excessive love or veneration for anything”. Are they so wedded to this mantra that differing opinions are rejected out of hand? The intransigence they display speaks volumes about their inability to accept differing opinions.

Herr Gore’s prediction that the Arctic would be ice free by 2013 did not happen. To justify the statement the goalposts have been advanced to the 2030s. How disingenuous is this? An article in the Daily Mail puts the warming over the past 150 years at 0.8 degrees Centigrade.

To put this in perspective, in 2015 a US Coast Guard ice breaker was unable to open a channel in the Canadian arctic to allow a number of yachts to complete a journey through the “North West Passage”. The Coast Guard’s inability to break through was due to thick ice conditions. This past summer a Norwegian Ice Breaker was unable to complete a journey to the North Pole due to extremely thick ice.

To be clear, the thickness of ice has much more to do with the ability of ice breakers to open sea lanes than the extent of ice coverage.

The earth has experienced many changes. To wit; tropical plant fossils found on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian arctic and glacial deposits within 10 degrees of the equator. Is this definitive proof of global changes? To be honest, NO!! Is the disparity due to plate tectonics? Possibly, this is one explanation for the dispersal of tropical vegetation in the arctic and glacial deposits near the equator.

Global Warming is at one end of the scale, while Snow Ball Earth is the other end. We keep hearing what we must do to prevent Global warming but they are mute on the subject of Snow Ball Earth. Is it more plausible that a warming earth is coming than the theory that another ice age is coming? The trigger mechanisms for a cooling earth are many. Among them are: a super volcano eruption, a possibility; a real reduction in GHGs, not very likely; less solar output, again, possible and finally, perturbations of the earth’s orbit, which has happened in earth’s history. Unfortunately, the mantra is always towards warming when cooling is just as plausible.

Records, those damnable things that dispute so much of the narrative are shunted aside with little recognition of their validity. 1936 was to see 14 record highs ranging from a low of 109 degrees in Cumberland and Frederick, Maryland, to a high of 121degrees in Steele N.D. and Alton, Kansas. Not only did this heat wave linger for some time, (with record high temps beginning July 5 and ending August 10) but it was to spread from the high plains to the Gulf States and eastward to the upper reaches of the Chesapeake.

Death Valley, Cal. holds the record for the highest temperature with 134 degrees set in 1913. The year 1994 was to post a series of 4 records in late June ranging from 128 degrees in Lake Havasu, Arizona to 120 degrees in Oklahoma.

Abnormally high temperatures are no more reliable than record lows when the over-all temperature scale is used as a guide to determining whether we are experiencing a warming or cooling trend

“It is inaccurate to say I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency”. H. L. Mencken

Honest and open debate would do much to foster an understanding between the differing points of view, but it is not possible without these ingredients.

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