How to Become a More Thankful Person

This was live streamed, so while I have it marked to start about 50 seconds in, I kept the worship music segment because Sandals has a good worship team. If you want to skip it though to get right to Pastor Matt’s AMAZING sermon, he starts in at 21.59 mark.

I know I like to listen to his church, also Heather’s, mine and sometimes if I have a chance and remember to check it out Daisy’s daughter’s as well.  While they all have great messages and sermon series’, I’ve really gotten a lot out of all of them, but this Thankful series from Suffer’s church has just been a powerful one for me. I’m really grateful to Suffer for sending me these every week his pastor has had for this series.

As he said in his e mail when he sent this last one, ” I truly believe every single person in this country should watch this one.”  I heartily agree. This is worth listening, book marking to listen again, sharing and applying.

I hope you guys get as much out of this one as  I did. Again with Pastor Matt’s great teaching, golden wisdom nuggets and his humor makes for a too short of sermon, and I could listen to him speak all day if he ever decided to lol.


Have a blessed day all.

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