RED Friday

Well it’s Friday again, and I hope y’all got your RED on.  I don’t have a whole lot for this week, but an interesting thing or two, and a couple of things that just either melt your heart or bring tears.

The first thing up comes from Suffer, he sent it to me the other day, and yeah, kleenex might be in order, but this one is more heart warming…

Earlier this week a group of kids were leaving on a flight for Disney World out of Nashville. These aren’t just average kids, all of them have lost a parent in combat.  One of my favorite actors of all time, Gary Sinise through his non profit foundation has helped send almost 2,000 people from Gold Star families to Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida, as part of its Snowball Express, a holiday season program that aims to help families of fallen service members.

While in Nashville waiting their flight, people there were treated to a rendition of the Star Spangled banner, U.S. troops in the terminal stood at attention and saluted as the song was performed and a lot of applause and grateful hearts for the kids. You can read more on the Nashville scene here

At Killeen Texas, the airport near Fort Hood, welcomed Snowball Express participants and Santa met with the families.   Even air traffic controllers get into the Express spirit, The National Air Traffic Controllers Association sent tote bags to participants to help them get all their goods from location to location.

Snowball Express started in 2017 and aims to create a five-day experience for the families that is fun, inspiring, and therapeutic. If you want to help the Gary Sinise Foundation, you can check them out here.

Next, American boy posted some interesting things on his facebook page again this week. Including this one Thursday, from the Charlotte Florida Historical Center with an article about the Punta Gorda Army Airfield from 1942-45.

I know there were a couple of bases and airfield down near the swamp too. We used to hike the place and there were still a couple of old cinder block bunkers still there. Michael would find bullets all the time working their way up through the base rock on the road every now and then. I didn’t know all of this stuff from South Florida though, and didn’t know there were a couple hundred Nazi POWs held down here either.  It’s an interesting read

One more thing worth re sharing.  HighOntheTide posted this song Tuesday evening which I really appreciated and thought it worth posting here. He posted a few songs by Cori Connors, whom I’d never heard before and really like her style, but this song is fitting, and just makes one think of so many who’ve missed Christmas’s past and those who miss Christmas still.

There’s so much we all take for granted which our troops have always given up- but most times people forget about families and holidays. Sure presents and all the fun things of the season come to mind, but for folks who have spent so many Christmas’s and other holidays overseas, often times in places unimaginable to us, where there is no such celebration of our Savior, it’s well worth remembering and giving a special thank you to those who have sacrificed even those joyful times.

(you may have to turn it up some, and the sound isn’t that great, but it’s still worth listening to!)

I’m having MG withdrawals, and Snake already too.
I pray all our deployed troops are safe and have a blessed day wherever they are. God bless and watch over them all.

Have a wonderful Friday all.

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