Open Porch Fun, Come on in!

Happy Saturday all.  It’s time to channel our inner child, or for the rest of us who never grew up, we get to be  ourselves 🙂

It’s Saturday, and I don’t know how cold or rainy or just plain inside weather it is wherever you are, but here on our porch, even in winter, we’ve always got lots of logs for the fire, blankets to wrap ourselves in, comfy chairs, refreshments and conversation among other things.

Speaking of other things, here’s where being a kid comes in handy.

First up, just listening to it makes me see it in my head….

Next up, another classic, this time a watchable one. I loved this when I was a kid!

And…… for all you Humbugs out there who don’t like cartoons, this is the best. Been watching this since I was a kid too.

I hope whatever y’all are doing today, you’ll take some time and hang out here for a little while throughout the day.

Have a blessed Saturday all!

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