Climate Change IV – Water in the atmosphere, culprit, or no…

by Walter Mow

Science is an ever changing discipline that is forced to re-evaluate and adapt as new evidence is advanced. Just as Ptolemy’s geocentric theory was supplanted by the Copernican heliocentric model; so too must the non-working models of Climate Change adapt to the realities of proven scientific investigation.

According to the theory of Global Warming, GHGs are trapping heat that would be radiated back into space. Thankfully the earth does not release significant amounts of heat from its molten core. Simple math dictates that the earth cannot produce more heat than it receives from the sun. This brings us to the main point of dissent, that man is the primary cause of Global Warming.

The Kyoto Protocol calls for a mandatory 30% reduction in CO2 emissions in all industrialized nations. Currently, manmade CO2 emissions total 3.5%. Even the most optimistic predictions forecast a miniscule 1/20th of a degree in warming by 2050. This is touted as real progress???

“Water Vapor”, classified as a “Green House Gas”, is the most significant of all GHGs; it contributes from 60 to 95% of the entire “Green House Effect” and is the most abundant gas in earth’s atmosphere. The fact that 99.999% of all water vapor is naturally occurring is far too often over-looked.

A good third of the globe’s oceans lie in the tropics; this is where a significant majority of the water vapor that ends up in the atmosphere is generated. Lesser amounts do enter the equation with even solid ice releasing water vapor through a process known as sublimation. In other words, the entire planet contributes to atmospheric water content.
Saline waters make up some 96% of all water on the planet. Fresh water breaks down thus: 68% is locked up in ice and glaciers, 30% in ground water and just 2% for the rest of all water usage. Of this 70% is used in irrigation, 20% in industrial applications with a scant 10% for human consumption.

It takes approximately 2.5 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of biofuel. Again, this is touted as real progress in the overall effort to control manmade GHGs. With this kind of wasteful allocation of water, is there no honesty to be found in the Liberal/Progressive argument? NO, but that sure isn’t going to deter the likes of Herr Gore from pushing this convoluted agenda or their insisting we make sacrifices to bolster this flawed theory.
Water, that most critical ingredient to life on this planet, is under attack by a Liberal/Progressive agenda that seeks to control not only the waters of this nation, but our very freedom as well. Is water the culprit here, or is it the proponents of a system that seeks control of all we see, hear and do???

After all my remonstrations about things not holding water, I must eat my words and tell you, our atmosphere, among other things, DOES hold water!!!

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