Sometimes we have different styles for different moods we find ourselves in.  Whether it’s loud, heavy,  rock or contemporary and country,  there’s music to suit every mood.  Sometimes it’s good to get back to the simpleness of country where among all the old time ballads of loves lost, there’s a few golden nuggets of faith found.

There has always been a tie between Country and Christian values, and while not all country is Christian, and not every Christian loves country, there are a few great Country bands and artists who have woven much of their music with faith and the gospel.

From timeless classics,

To this one I heard years ago and have always loved, which have a real story of redemption and life through death…

There are original tales of life’s bumpy roads, messes and warnings of the ways we travel…

And the simplicity of a life walking with the One Who created us

There’s just a little country in everyone, whether you love the music, God’s creation or the peace and solitude of living close to the land.

For Daisy & Bruce!

Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday y’all!

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