Conversion- Leaving Your Baggage Behind

Have you ever been involved in a collision?  I know I have. A few times. And not just in cars either.  We’ve come to the last message of the Baggage series from Sandals Church. Pastor Matt is all over the place in this one, but his points seem to connect, much like my butterfly travels, and it’s well worth learning.

So strap into your seat belts, and forget the luggage on the rack. We don’t need it!

Thank you Suffer for introducing us to your church!  There are a few other topics Pastor Matt delves into in his usual style, and we’ll post more in the future- but I’d like to introduce another church and pastor next week.  While he doesn’t have Matt’s humorous flair, but he is a solid, and excellent speaker and very much worth listening to as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed this series and got as much out of it as I did…. if we could just leave our baggage alone!

Have a blessed Thursday all!

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