Usually for the spot light, we highlight different bands or artists, but sometimes we focus on a specific song and the story behind it.

Today’s spotlight is going to shine on a band we’ve already posted about, because their last album is so good I thought it’d be good to highlight it here.

I know a few of us have posted the song Only Jesus more than a few times since it came out last fall, along with the album by Casting Crowns of the same name… but the more I listen to songs off of this album, the more the lyrics hits me.

Lead singer, and youth pastor Mark Hall says each song they make comes from a Bible lesson he teaches first, and these songs definitely have a lesson for all Christians no matter our ages.

In an article last year, Hall discussed the album, specifically the song Only Jesus, and talked about people in the Bible who “deflected the spotlight every time people tried to elevate them. He recalled John the Baptist who said he was just a voice crying out in the wilderness, and Paul, who described himself and the chief of sinners, all the while always pointing to Jesus.”

It just reminds me that when I get up in the morning God already has a plan, and this is His story. I’m a part of His story, so I’ve got to focus myself on Scripture and on truth so that when I get out into the world, I’m like, ‘Alright God, how can I show them what you’re doing?'”

He added: “I don’t need to leave a legacy. I don’t need to be remembered. People remembering me isn’t going to help them. There’s only so far I can take you. You’ll just walk away going, ‘Why, I can I be like that guy.’ But if I do like Paul did and say, ‘Here’s what you need to know about me. I’ve got every kind of struggle and failure in my path. I got nothing going for me. You don’t need to pay attention to me at all. I’ll lead you the wrong way. You need to look to Jesus.’ That’s my reminder that Jesus is the only name to remember!'”

The whole album has excellent songs with amazing lyrics and message, but I think one of the songs I love most has got to be In the Hands of the Potter.

My world is spinning, my life seems so out of control
Nailed, scarred hands tell the story of love that will never let go of me
Through the sunshine or rain, I know where my hope is found
What You started in me, I know You will complete from the inside out
And as I fall apart

Come flood this desert heart
Fall like the rain, Living Water
And I know Your way is best
Lord, help me find my rest
And I’ll be the clay
In the Hands of the Potter

My world is breaking me, Your love is shaping me
And now the enemy is afraid of what You’re making me..

The next favorite I heard on the radio on my way to work a couple of days ago. Wow.  I think (but not sure) it’s sung by band member Megan Garrett.  It’s called The Change in Me.   Remember Thursday’s sermon, the last part of the Baggage series when Pastor Matt talked about that collision, and how lives are changed when you collide with Jesus? How there’s a definite change?  It might not happen all at once and right away, but the process begins right then and there.

This song is a testimony to that change through the Spirit…

Your Spirit is a gentleman
Standing at my hidden doors within
Where You wait for me to let You in So You can set me free
Your Spirit is a wrecking ball
Tearing through my rebel walls
One by one I watch them fall Til You are all I see

Oh… You’re the life in me
Oh… You’re the air I breathe
Oh… You’re the change in me
You’re the change in me

This band has got to be (in my humble opinion) one of the best Christian bands of all time, and that’s saying something because there are a lot of great artists who’ve stood the test of time while standing on faith in Jesus… But they continue to roll out amazing songs with real life lyrics that cut to the heart, with healing and encouragement.  They present real worship and real Christian love walking the talk.

I hope you look for some more of the songs from this album,  and post your favorites here, along with the lyrics as they are what makes the songs so special and give glory to Only Jesus.

Have a blessed Sunday all!

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