Climate Change VII… the drip continues… and continues… and…

by Walter Mow 

When I started these articles I had no idea it would morph into a seven part series. The more I researched, the more there was to write about, false claims, unsubstantiated data and reports written to satisfy an agenda.

Now understand I am not an investigative reporter but rather a layman who reads. With nothing more than a will to try to understand this issue, I was astounded at the blatant statements of dire consequences should man continue to generate man caused Green House Gases. The outright assertion that anthropogenic (Man Made) GHG’s, Carbon Dioxide in particular were pushing the planet’s atmosphere to catastrophic levels creating a green house effect that was driving Global Warming.

But rather than finding over-whelming supporting evidence, I was confronted with contradictory claims and studies that refuted the statements advanced by federal agencies. One claim that caught my eye was the claim that, “2012 is hottest year on record”. How does one decide whether that claim is valid or not? When I went looking to substantiate the claim, I was surprised to find a year with more record high temperatures than any other, that year turned out to be 1936.

A high pressure dome settled over a large section of the US; record temps started on July 5th and continued till August 12th. From Nebraska to New Jersey; from Louisiana to North Dakota the nation sweltered under record temps that ranged from 109 to 121 degrees F. It encompassed 15 of the 48 contiguous US states, an astounding 31% of the country. There have been individual high temperatures that exceeded these figures, but the breadth and longevity of this heat wave can’t be disregarded when looking at overall temperature records year by year. The death toll exceeded 5,000 people and is the deadliest heat wave in US history.

No discussion of hot weather can be complete without looking at the coldest winter on record. A record cold winter started in November of 1935 and would continue to grip the nation until late February of 1936. No less than 43 states would be affected and many would die as a result of auto accidents, hypothermia and exposure, but the actual death toll will never be known.

In January salt water was frozen as far south as the Chesapeake. Wind chills in January reached as low as -85 degrees F.

The month of February turned even colder with rivers frozen as far south as Richmond Virginia and wind chills reached the unbelievable temperature of -100 degrees F. Heavy snows and deep drifts would close schools from the Midwest and Plains states to the Pacific Northwest. At month’s end a thaw began that would cause avalanches on Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State that would kill 3 people on February 24th.

While it is true that I have high-lighted weather extremes in the US, this shows how dynamic the climate can be. By examining our own weather, it gives us a window into weather patterns around the globe. Polar vortices can reach as far south as the Gulf Coast and record high temperatures can be found in Central Canada, but this examination of extremes does nothing to substantiate, nor deny the claims of Global Warming.
We live on a very dynamic and volatile planet, one that pulses and breaths with some regularity. As a result of my own digging into this issue that I have become a “Denier” to this blatant effort to convince the populous at large that they are denigrating the livability of our planet by the use of fossil fuels. To this I say “BULL”!!!

As seasons change, so changes the weather. Is this a reason to lose all common sense and run screaming into the night? No, but it sure ain’t gonna stop the Liberal/Progressive crowd from trying to force feed us the clap-trap they label, “Climate Change”.


The bulk of this series was written 3 years ago while under the Obama administration. A changing federal judiciary is beginning to make inroads in restraining agencies and congress seems ready to resume its traditional role of oversight. Strict oversight and transparency, compliance with requests for documents and witnesses; and committee hearings that do not become contentious party line squabbles. Not the kind of forced transparency that requires a subpoena to get compliance with requests for documents. Any institution that becomes stronger than its creator becomes a threat to its creator.

“Government is not mere advice; it is authority, with power to enforce its laws.
” George Washington

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