Fake, False and Fiction

It’s not exactly the best title I’ve ever come up with for an article, but it kind of describes the intro into this first of a two part series of sermons, brought to us by Daisy’s daughter’s church, New Hope.

Pastor Mark talks about deception, some of which has been on my mind for quite a while now.   As I wrote in Monday’s heartbits, deception and twisting of God’s Word has been going on since the Garden when he said to Eve, “Did God really  say…”

We have a society rife right now with charges of “FAKE!”  and yes, much of it is either deceptive or down right fake.  If folks have been keeping up with the news this past weekend, we saw how a few minutes clip of an hours long video can be used to deceive the nation into believing a group of Catholic kids from a Catholic school who were in DC for the March for Life event, supposedly taunted, accosted, mocked, disrespected and maligned an innocent Native American.

I won’t go into details as it’s been all over the ‘news’ and every social site online- only to discover a day after these kids malicious behavior was ‘exposed’ and all sorts of threats have been issued against them… they are, Surprise! Innocent.

People see something from a view point of what they believe, and run with it without digging for facts.  We’ve all done it. I’ve done it before, years ago when I used to write for my own blog, I failed to dig for all the facts and had to issue an apology for passing along false or misleading information.

We’re all susceptible to deception or falling for things because it either sounds right, or because of our biases, it lines up with what we believe so it must be true.

Doubts planted about little things, those non essential things, while ignored might bring unity and it’s not discussed for fear of offending or hurting someone else’s beliefs.  While it’s understandable to have a mindset of live and let live for many differences, sometimes this kind of thing creeps into the church or into believers who believe completely in the essential things, but doubt the non essentials. But the deceiver is great at letting doubt grow into things that we don’t understand, and therefore, a person can be ripe to fall for  false teaching.

This kind of doubt has led to cults and offshoots of Christian churches since the time of the early church.

The twisting of words happens in society for agendas of secular humanism, which, like the enemy promotes self and one’s own god and as history shows, it leads to death and destruction. The twisting of the Word in the church happens for many reasons, whether intentional or not, it leads just as it did in the garden, to a broken relationship with the Lord and drifting away from the faith.

We’ve seen the ramifications of twisting words, false teaching and deception in our society, and the enemy has done a supreme job of creating an atmosphere where there is so much anger, hate and divisiveness, false information and assumptions and all of a sudden Catholic kids can be doxxed and have their lives and that of their families threatened.

The problem is, many of us recognize the fake and deception in our world, but sometimes we add our own to it because it seems right.

However, we don’t always recognize it in the very place we wouldn’t expect- in the church, except for those who know Scripture warns us that there are and always have been word twisting false prophets and teachers in the church or claiming to be Christian.

In this sermon, pastor Mark reminds us that Satan has always had an agenda of destroying God’s people, and that in the church age, the deception comes from the inside….

I hope folks will have a listen and really hear with open hearts the next few weeks messages.  They’re not to divide and definitely not to offend, but given out of love and based on God’s Word.

Have a blessed day all!

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