Old Time Saturday Porch

Last Saturday was so interesting watching the old stuff, Daisy and I thought it’d be cool to show some more- this time more for the guys, but there’s a few different things, so everyone should enjoy these.

In the scheme of things, 50 and 60 years ago wasn’t all that long ago. It’s amazing how much things have changed- everything from wages, prices and behaviors, society and even work habits.

Daisy found a few cool videos, including the first one showing life during the depression.

When American boy was a baby, I made a book which asked my parents and Michael’s parents about life when they were kids, and what their parents were like. I wanted him to grow up with a strong sense of family and knowing his roots, and it was a cool thing for me too when I got the book back- first sending it to Canada so my mom could fill it out, and then next door to Grandma.  Unfortunately Papa had passed away when A.B was 7 months old, but I wanted him to know his Papa who had served in the Pacific on a couple of destroyers during WW2, but also about Papa’s life growing up.  She was able to fill out most of his information too, so I had a snippet of life from both sets of grandparents, all of whom had lived through at least the last part of the depression. The youngest is my mom, who didn’t remember a whole lot about it, just things her older sisters had told her about. Still very interesting that folks think about the Depression as the hardest part of the 30s in the US, but many don’t realize that it effected Canada too.  My parents both who had been born in and grown up around Toronto, had similar stories as Michael’s parents who had been born in and grew up around a small town in central West Virginia.  Both from different worlds, miles apart and different ways of surviving those lean years, and yet so many values, ethics and habits were so similar too.  It’s sad to see much of that ethic and values which came almost naturally disappear.

OK my soap box is done for now, I hope you enjoy these!

This next one is hilarious. Makes us think of a “pretty boy” we’ve all heard about, and love…

Guys, Bam Bam & CarFan, hopefully you’re around and have some time to watch…

This one is kind of long, but interesting. Also interesting that some of the products are still big names today, while others… I haven’t a clue what they are lol. I really enjoyed the Delco Battery/Generator commercial! 🙂

Like last week’s film, it’s amazing to see the styles of every day clothing and cars, and how much help the electric appliances must have been to those who could finally afford them!

Have a wonderful day all! I sure would love to hear memories from y’alls childhoods too.