As for many of these spotlight articles, the next artist to be featured is one who’s music I am not all that familiar with. I just know I love the few songs I do know by Ryan Stevenson.

A born and raised Oregonian, Ryan was also raised in the church, learning hymns and the Gospel from the get go. He was given his first guitar when he was 18 as a surprise from his Youth Pastor and his mom was also supportive and encouraging in his desire to be a musician. He attended Northwest Christian College and formed a band with his room mate Paul Wright. They focused mostly on acoustic music, and performed at local restaurants in and around Eugene.

After years of writing songs and performing live shows while working as a paramedic for 8 of those years and being involved in church worship ministry, Ryan finally hit the big time when he was noticed by tobyMac.  Toby had this to say about Ryan when he signed him to his label, Gotee Records,  “Ryan is an impressive songwriter who understands the delicate balance of writing songs about his faith and walking it out in a cold, cold world. He never shies away from a ‘Jesus’ lyric, ’cause he is fully aware of where his strength comes from.”

Ryan’s first major single was Holding Nothing Back  which was released in 2013

It happens to be his favorite song, describing the inspiration behind it~ ”’Holding Nothing Back,’ is one of the most personal, vulnerable songs I have written, birthed during a season of desperation…  I remember praying, ‘God, whatever it takes for You to break through in my life’-and His answer came through fiery circumstances. I came to a place where I was able to say ‘no matter what it takes, I’m not going to hold anything back anymore-I just have to know You.‘”

The no matter what message came through loud and clear for me in his next big hit Eye of the Storm which was released in 2016. It was nominated Song of the Year in 2017, and won a GMA Dove Award for Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year.

The song hit me in a  personal way and it’s one that I’ve loved the truth and  message of since the first time I heard it.

As like most artists whose lyrics inspire, encourage and help others,  much of Ryan’s music based  on  his own personal experiences, including defeats and struggles.  Again his music is identifiable, and also inspirational….

I have a couple more favorites by Ryan, but I’ll let y’all find the ones you like and post them for us to hear. Have a blessed Sunday all!

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