Prone to Wander

There’s a lot of plastos teaching, and always has been.  I’m not trying to be lazy by not posting a bit of a lead into this 2nd sermon of the Deception series, I just want to post the sermon and hear others’ thoughts on it first before I add my two cents.

There are many believers, and about as many different styles of worship, faith and denominations in the Christian faith.  There will always be some things we don’t agree on, while remembering that term from last week- unity in the essentials.  Heretical or ignorant teachings and beliefs cause division however, and I imagine us being from all different backgrounds have had experiences where we’ve been judged or our faith questioned because we’re not “spiritual” enough, or because we’re not experiencing the same “deep or true faith” as others.

OK, I’ll go more into that when I comment later this evening.  I hope folks will watch/listen and keep in mind that even Peter knew that no matter how strong you believe in or love Jesus, we are all prone to wander…

Whether a deeper spiritual experience, or a “word” as a new revelation from God personally given, a new ‘understanding’ or path- there are many ways which we can wander after the angel of light instead of the Light of the Word.

I hope everyone has a blessed Thursday!

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