Ever since I heard the award winning song  Chain Breaker, I’ve liked Zach Williams’s music a lot. He’s got enough of a rock sound to make his music great but with real life lyrics that I can’t help but sing along loudly every time I hear one of his songs.

Chain Breaker, Zach says, “came from a place of wanting to reach people who had been struggling, and it speaks to believers as much as it does to non-believers because we all get to places in our lives where we get lukewarm, and we just kind of forget what God’s done in our life. The song is very much the truths of who Jesus is.

One of his other hits, Fear is a Liar, is a great song, but one that some Christians don’t like because they believe we shouldn’t dwell on negative things from the enemy. While it’s true we shouldn’t, the enemy has a great way of using lies and fears to keep us from remembering the things that God promises us.  The song doesn’t worship God, so it’s not exactly something to be sung like we would other uplifting or praise songs- but yet for those who have doubts of who they are if they’re believers, or those who believe the lies that they’re not good enough, strong enough or whatever- the song does expose the enemy and his tricks, and points the listener towards God t0 “Let Your fire fall and cast out all my fears, Let Your fire fall Your love is all I feel”

In an interview about the song Zach explains, “Jonathan Smith, Jason Ingram and I wrote the song in a few hours and we were really happy with the way it came out, since we put a face to the name. We were calling out the devil for who he is, and reminding him that he was a liar, and that he has already been defeated. That was the idea for that song. I wanted something that people would relate to, and find hope in.”

Williams continued, “For anybody who was struggling with fear or going through something, I hope this song gives them hope, to call the devil out.”

I have to say it is a good song to do just that.

My favorite song by Zach is Survivor, which is also on the album Chain Breaker- but it’s the live version from Harding Prison that I love most.   While this song can inspire those who face prison time, it also inspires all who go through incredible hard circumstances or tragedies,  yet put their trust in their Lord and Savior to get through them.  The best message of this song is as Zach’s wife says, “During your loneliest, darkest hour, you have to know that God’s there with you.”  And because of Him we are survivors.  “If you fully surrender to Him, you will become free...”

Here’s the story behind the song.

You can read more about Zach here.

Have a blessed and safe Sunday all!

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