Tuesday Tunes

As I was thinking about something for tonight, trying to find some inspiration, I happened to look in my photo stash for stuff we use for the Heart Beat.  I happened to come across one from TXBullfrog from when he and Mrs. Frog went on their cruise. (TX, I hope you don’t mind I cropped it) because some day if I ever find time to paint again, I’d love to paint it.  But it just breathed peace……

I can just hear the sounds of nothing but water, breeze and maybe some gulls… smell the salt air and just meditate in wonder at the pallet of God.

So I think that’s tonight’s theme for me, sometimes I just need to get away, even if just in my mind for an hour or two….

I know this is an older one, but I know a few folks around here love this song. So do I and it was the first one that came to mind with that photo TX captured.

Whatever your mood, whether you’re needing a quick getaway like me, or need some loud, some old, new or everything in between, this is your night to share. I hope all have a blessed and fun Tuesday evenin’!

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