Porch Time Hangout

Happy Saturday all.  It’s been a while since I posted a movie here, but ever since Walter’s Tuesday History article, I had the movie Seven Alone on my mind.  I’ve posted it before (I think) just not sure if I posted it here or somewhere else.

It’s a good movie though, based on a true story and worth watching even if it is old and old fashioned, and depending on what the weather is doing wherever you are, a good flick to relax inside with your favorite kitteh or person or food and enjoy 🙂

For something a little different, here’s something else to take a little bit of time watching. You’ve seen Michael Jr. here before- I really like him. He’s funny, a great comedian but always with an amazing message… try and keep up with his switches from funny to serious, as you learn to pay attention to your gaps……

As usual this is an open porch Saturday- hang out, relax and post whatever’s on your mind.
I hope everyone has a blessed day!

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