Tuesday Open Porch All Day

Happy Tuesday all. I figured we’d open the porch for an all day open thread, and just continue on here tonight for music.  Who knew that when I typed in porch music, there’s actually a thing about porch music.
Anyway, it’s been a pretty busy time for me work wise and everything else, so between chores and writing, sometimes I have nothin’ to post.  But that makes it more fun for you 🙂

Something about the serious looks on the guys’ faces in that photo make me in the mood for a little bluegrass, so here’s my contribution for tonight…

This kid is good! Which one of him’s gonna hang in til the end??

Michael’s favorite style was always blue grass.  This was one of his favorites, and I gotta say I loved it too…

One more, from another favorite. A little old time Gospel from Bill Monroe… just to get the feet tappin’ blood runnin’ and the get up and go we all need for the day,

OK Folks, I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful day!  Remember, we’ll keep this thread up for tonight too, and just because I’m in a blue grassy mood, doesn’t mean y’all have to be. Play whatever you want!  See y’all later 🙂

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