Simple Things

Well it only took me a couple of years, but I think I’ve realized what I love best about having our Heart Beat porch, and all the folks who make it so special.

The simpleness of it here.

Simple, is never easy, and for some strange reason, simple takes a lot of work. I’ve realized that for a long time, and I never mind hard work when it’s for folks or something I love.  And I love simple.  Real.  Uncomplicated.  Slow. Timeless. Peaceful…..

And after long enough focusing on politics and insanity that comes with it, this porch has been a blessing in so many simple ways.   When I first started having a heart to start another blog site, I was still semi active at PolitiChicks and Brew.  But my heart wasn’t quite there anymore, not in the stories, not in the hype and not in the rush.   I felt God leading me back to what I intended when I first started writing.  But it’s still not even the same as when I first started, but it is more focused where it ought to be- on Him, because He’s the one who blessed me with words, opinions and a love of gab.

His story is simple when it all comes down to the basics- Love.  And what He does is help us to love the way He does, and that’s what I see and experience here every day.

Simple is never easy. Yet, I find the way to write or at least post things hoping folks will enjoy, learn, be encouraged and find interesting what we have here, and I’m grateful and blessed by my God sent friend Daisy- not just for her help and contributions here, but as a real true friend that He knew I needed, one that we can share everything with each other.   I’m also grateful and blessed by a family here, friends,  real brothers and sisters in Christ, who He also knew I needed and whom I love each one for special and different, reasons.

As tired as I am most days when I come home, this porch is always waiting to welcome me and offering a chair to pull up and catch up on the day’s stuff.  I love peeking in when I can, even if I can’t comment, just to see folks blessing each other, whether talking about food, weather, the articles, or whatever’s going on in their lives (the good, sad and yuckies) or blessing and praying for each other.

The simple ways of folks hanging out, or dropping by is pretty much what I wanted in a site, but God made it just right.

In the past few years since Michael died, I’ve found my life has become more complicated. more rushed, intense, tiring and just never simple or easy, slow with no sense of peace anymore.  I miss simple but this place helps me find a little every day.   And I hope it helps you all to find what makes your lives a little simpler and enjoyable too.

So that’s what this Saturday open porch is all about.

This is our theme song and so describes this place of misfits which God has found fit to bring here, whether we are here ‘out loud’ or quietly listening in …..

I also find our site verse 1 Thessalonians 5:11 describes this place.  Whether you are a regular part of the HB family, a sometimes visiting relative, or a long lost sibling who prefers to observe, each of you are a blessing to me in different ways.  Thank you Lord for this simple place and these wonderful folks who make it all worth while.

My view from the porch is the simplicity of Love and a sense of peace. What’s yours?

Have a blessed Saturday all ♥

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