Are We There Yet?

Anyone who’s been a kid or has kids has used or heard the oft lamented, “Are we there yet?!”

Whether going on a road trip vacation, flying or just driving across town to visit a favorite aunt, kids get impatient and want to know if we’re there yet, why we’re not there yet, and when will we ever get there.

Kids are full of questions, and that trait always follows us all into adulthood.  And one of the major questions we all ask is………. why.

There’s enough that happens in our lives, in our world that cause us to wonder if God cares, or why He’d allow illness, death and all kinds of horrors and tragedies.  Most things we can attribute to the fallen world we live in, and while that doesn’t comfort us through evil or hurtful things, for Christians, it does give a partial answer that we can at least accept until we someday understand all of it.

Even still sometimes things just keep on piling on and the idea of sin and the fall just don’t cut it anymore.  Too many why’s still aren’t answered and we’re left with a couple of choices.  Shake our fists at God, blaming Him for not intervening, for no miracle, or because He allowed something bad to happen.  While there’s nothing wrong at being angry with God, some people let it turn to bitterness and turn from Him completely.  The other choice is to lament and keep asking the why’s and blindly living in misery.  Neither choice seems to help anyone who is in a lot of pain, any more than trying to explain that the fall is why…

Sometimes we have no answers yet as we learn from the Scriptures that while not answering the whys, we can still trust in God through the Whys.

What better person to learn from than the one who went through more than any other human as far as tragedies and both physical and emotional pain?

The Book of Job is an interesting insight into human suffering, people’s assumptions and the Nature of God.  First we learn that God is pleased with righteous people. He knows the hearts of those He created, and is pleased by those who walk with Him.  We also learn that the enemy is always ready to cause troubles, and has access to accuse us before God.  Keeping in mind that Jesus stands between us and our accuser, but that wasn’t the case in Job’s time.  God allows Satan to ‘mess’ with Job, to prove that Job would still honor God- with the strict instruction to not kill him.

We see the loss is immediate, of his kids and his livelihood.  Yet Job still praises God, so Satan goes personal and strikes him with painful boils all over his body.  To make a long story short, Job still respects God, but is so pitiful even his wife says to just curse God and die.  His friends are no help, coming to sympathize with him for a little while, yet end up insulting him, claiming he’s got a hidden sin, or God wouldn’t be punishing him like that.

But finally God comes to see what all the noise is about. Job pours out his lamentations, his friends presume to know God and then God basically says to Job- stand up like a man, I want to tell you a thing or two.

Notice God doesn’t answer Job’s or anyone else’s why?  What He does do is show us Who He is, and consider all that He has created and done.  And if He can do all that, can we trust Him to know our pain, tragedies and suffering?   He might or might not show us why, but even if He doesn’t, Job knew, and it’s the same with all believers that we can trust that God knows where we are, and that Our Redeemer Lives.

When Jesus came to the earth the first time, what did He do during His ministry years?  He taught, healed, and wept, but more so, He  pointed to and glorified our Father.  Jesus knows all our pains, tragedies, hurts, disappointments, heart aches and grief.  He’s gone through it all, but unlike Job, He went through it willingly for our sake!

He created the world, and loved the world, He came to the world, born into it, for one reason only. To save the world.  We can trust Him even if we don’t always know the Whys.

He might not restore everything and everyone to us, but He will restore us if we let Him.

We have this Hope!!

And as for that age old question, Are We there yet?  Nope, but we can hold onto the Hope that we will get there in His time!

Have a blessed Monday and week all.

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