Tuesday Grab Bag

Well hey. It’s Tuesday again already.  We’ve got a few different little pick me ups for today, and we’ll end it off with another Cover Tune from Mercy Me’s Grab Bag… or keep this rolling through tonight for music.  I haven’t decided on that quite yet.

We haven’t gone in search of happy news stories for a while, so I took a gander through the net and found this…  This photo was taken last week by the Chaplain at Roseboro FD in North Carolina.  As the Chaplain raised the US flag, these two kids who were out riding their scooter & hover board,  stopped, stood at attention and recited the Pledge of Allegiance 🙂   How cool is that! Good for them!

This next story too is AWWWWsome.  A couple of brothers from Spokane, Washington started a Valentine’s Day tradition about 8 years ago which grew from giving two dozen roses to their single friends… to giving out more than 500 roses to women all over their city on Valentine’s Day.   They even have a facebook page for Rose Rush, which filters text and e mail requests.  The roses are free of charge, and every requested recipient gets one. Seth Stewart, who began giving out the roses says some senders also include personal messages explaining why they want their recipient to get a rose.

He says the roses are a physical reminder for some recipients that they are not alone. “Some of the stories are so touching,” Stewart says as he describes a message to a recent widow. “No matter how bad you are feeling there is always someone thinking about you.”

In addition to single women and widows, community members also ask that roses be delivered to women who have had a significant impact in their lives. Deployed husbands and boyfriends will also contact Stewart to add a personal touch to a flower delivery for their significant others.

Man, I just love that.  God bless these guys!

100 Years old is a beautiful life…  Says one of three young men ‘caught’ by a police officer helping an elderly couple to their car, and then assisting the man’s 89 year old wife into the car.  A  police officer in Bronson, Florida,  happened to see and got it on camera.  I love stories like this. It’s such a simple yet, significant thing.  Not hard for anyone to do a good deed, but not common anymore either. What a sweet thing these guys did.

OK one more.   This one makes me smile- mostly because being an artist, and wishing one of my art teachers had done something fun like this. If you’ve ever heard of Bob Ross, you’ll get this story. If not, he was an artist who had a painting show for years on PBS, and one of the most positive, upbeat type people to ever come about after Mr. Rogers.


An eighth grade art teacher at a Middle School in Abilene, Texas began to notice that a lot of the kids were stressed out over their workload, and she wondered how she could reward her students for their hard work and offer them a break from the stress – and that’s when she got the idea to draw some inspiration….

What a happy little art class! I love it!

Alrighty then, as I said above, I think maybe I’ll keep this as an all day open again this week- so, for today, share whatever’s on your mind, and tonight we’ll roll up the porch rug and get on with whatever music y’all are in the mood for.

For my contribution, I can’t help it, these crack me up- and they’re so good lol.
I always liked REM’s It’s the End of the World, and now I have to laugh as Bart and the boys have so much fun with their rendition…

Have a great day all! See you tonight sometime.

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