Spring on the Porch?! YAY!

Happy Saturday all!  Well dang this year is getting of to a speedy start isn’t it.  It’s hard to believe we’re already into March.

But we all know what that means!  For our northern family who is still dealing with traces of winter,  it’s almost spring!!   Excuse my excitement….
Yeah, you all know I was just itchin’ to drag that out of my files lol.

Since it’s Saturday, it’s time for an open porch.  Are you as excited as I am that spring is almost sprung?  (even though down here it’s felt like summer for the past couple of weeks)!  But spring down here, means snowbirds flying back north where they belong and our roads hopefully becoming a little more sane to drive on again 😀

While I  miss seeing the daffodils, trilliums and crocus’s that we had popping up every spring when I was a kid, I think I like spring now because it means the sun will be staying up longer after dinner time 🙂  Spring forward is early this year! March 10th.

Michael used to sing this a lot on pretty spring & summer days,

Every season has it’s beauty and favorite things about it, and down here, I do miss seasons- only not 6 months of cold.  What are your favorite things about Spring?

Have a blessed day all!

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