We’ve been doing these spotlights probably for a little over a year now, maybe longer.  There have been so many good bands and artists to feature, and there are still lots more out there.

I think for this week we’ll do a spotlight on newer music that some of the bands/artists we’ve featured here have put out in the past year, since some of them have been pretty busy since our earlier Spotlight articles.

I just found this one as I was beginning to write this article~ a great new song and good video too!

I’m breathing in
breathing out
I was in the grave
But God You called me out

Alive,  by Big Daddy Weave

Next up, another recent find, from last October…

Do you know that all the dark
Won’t stop the light from getting through…

Is He Worthy, by Chris Tomlin

Daisy found this one and I love it.

For God so loved the whole wide world
Sent His only Son to die for me
Arms spread wide for the whole wide world
His arms spread wide where mine should be
Jesus changed my destiny

Red Letters by Crowder…

This next one is definitely different, but I like it.  They posted it only a month ago to you tube,

I never knew life could be like this
I was looking at love from a distance
I got a taste of freedom and forgiveness
I never knew life could be like this

Brand New Day from 7th Time Down…

OK, one more (I don’t want to hog! 🙂 )

This one is new from January… I love this too.

From the dawn of creation
This world has been crying out for hope
For a hero to save us

Greatness of our God by the Newsboys…

And yes, Suffer, MG, Snake & TX, there are a few new hard metal songs out too (check out Demon Hunter’s War, and Peace by the same) … but I’ll let you guys find those 😉

Everyone knows the drill by now.  Find something new you like or post whatever you want!  Have a blessed Sunday all!

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