By Walter Mow

“Some people confuse acceptance with apathy, but there’s all the difference in the world. Apathy fails to distinguish between what can and what cannot be helped; acceptance makes that distinction. Apathy paralyzes the will-to-action; acceptance frees it by relieving it of impossible burdens”. Arthur Gordon

Much of what we are subjected to on a daily basis falls outside the norms of Christian beliefs. We are deluged with things that look rather innocuous, but on closer examination, they are the very things we need be vigilant against. Satan cares not who carries his message, violent computer games; sexily dressed female celebrities that care not that they are showing much more than is proper. So many of the things we take for granted are part and parcel of satan’s traps.

How do you make the decision to watch this or that? How do you tell your children that the program or game they are involved in is not appropriate?

As parents and grandparents, we are responsible to set the standards by which our progeny set the tone of their life. If we are successful, they are Christians and good citizens. If we fail, it is to the detriment of the child. Thankfully, the Lord does not punish you and me for the actions of others. That frankly is a human trait.

We are granted free will; that is a challenge that too many take advantage of without the Lord’s guidance. Willful and arrogant, we go about our business as though we were in charge. I have been guilty of that and the consequences of such action have not been kind. The Lord really wants to be part of our lives; he wants to hear our plans, our dreams and all the good things in life. But far too often, satan’s bus comes down the street and we blithely board.

Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you’re going to do about it”. Kathleen Casey Theisen

We can come to decisions the Lord will countenance if we but involve him in those decisions.

Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God”. Romans 15:7.

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