As I was driving to deliver a few signs yesterday, I thought yet again how incredible God’s love for us is.  I will never fathom it in this life, but considering so many ways He displays His love just blows my mind.

I know it’s something that most people consider, so it’s not like I’m saying anything new. Just airing my thoughts out loud.  The obvious display of God’s love is Jesus taking our place on the cross, dying so we could have a chance at reconciliation with our Father.  But as if that wasn’t the ultimate, and not enough, Jesus offers to take our burdens to the cross with Him.  He offers His peace, His rest. He  wants us in His Kingdom for eternity.

But consider too, how often He puts up with our arrogance when we believe our way is better… only to welcome us when we cry to Him when we discover it wasn’t.  He picks us up, cleans up our messes and gives us another chance to Trust Him.  He listens to our whining, complaints and laments.  He willingly took on human flesh and went through everything we do, so He knows and feels our  troubles, griefs, trials and pain- and He gives us comfort through it all.  He listens to our petitions, often times answering.  Even when it’s answers we didn’t expect, He always listens.

He provides in so many ways,  and He cares for us.  He gave us His Word, so that we could know Him, learn from Him and model our lives in ways which draw us closer and make us more like Him and remind us of the promises He’s given us.

To think that He could have just scrapped the whole idea of humans when He flooded the world.  Or Jesus could have just said “forget it, they’re not worth it”.  Shudder the thought, that we could all get what we deserve, but for His incredible love, grace and mercy.

It is truly unfathomable to understand in this life how He could love me or any of us as much… and while I love my son, my family, friends and others, I consider how patient He is with us, our transgressions, back sliding, and bad choices, yet when we come in shame, like prodigals He welcomes us with open arms.

Such a simple and seemingly trite thing to say, but I can’t find any other words  to say to the Most Holy, Creator, Giver of Life Who loves us so much, but,
Thank You Lord.

It’s an open thread Thursday. I hope everyone has a blessed one!


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