Throwback Tuesday

*This is a re-post of Conversations posted in June 2017

People who know me know I’m a Bible believing Christian. I never hide that, although I don’t always thump people over the head with my faith either. You’ll notice in my thoughts, and that’s what these devotions really are- my thoughts and desire to hopefully help someone out there to feel a little encouraged, I often include Jesus or a scripture verse to back up what I’m talking about.

Some people might be uncomfortable with it, some might be offended by it, not thinking that Jesus has anything to do with day to day things we go through. I’m not going to defend myself for talking about how my faith gets me through some pretty tough and rough things in my life, because I know without a doubt that if it weren’t for my faith, I wouldn’t be here writing this stuff.

There have been a lot of dark times in my life, but even when I have been alone to go through some of them, God has always been in the valleys with me.

People spend most of their lives talking about trivial and so temporary things. The latest Hollywood gossip, or “reality” stars or shows, sports… There’s nothing wrong with light hearted trivia when the world seems like its gone crazy, but too often people avoid talking about serious issues or their problems because no one seems to want to be bothered.
It’s easy to talk about trivial things, and often it’s easy even to talk some serious things, but because of people being offended these days over so little, most people avoid it all together. It’s the same thing with spiritual things or even devotional things.

I’ve always been opinionated, and while it may get me into hot water with people sometimes, I won’t stop including Jesus in the conversations because someone may realize that He really is who we should turn to when things in life get hard.

Life is hard, and we need all the encouragement we can find sometimes. Jesus is a source of life and encouragement, and I will always share Him with others who need Him.

I won’t ever “thump” people, or shove Jesus in their faces, but I will include Him in our conversations for those who may need Him. Too many people are afraid to open up, not necessarily out of fear of offending someone or being called names, but because they don’t know how. It’s my hope that writing these thoughts out publicly, people will feel free to join the conversation and share their pains, frustrations and hurts- or share with others how they overcome the hard times.

I’m glad that we’ve got a forum to talk about things that weigh on our hearts, and hope people feel free to ask for prayers here too.  I’m grateful to have a way for us to explore and learn more about what a Mighty God we have, and to learn how to trust Him enough to serve Him more.

Have a blessed Tuesday all! See you tonight for music.

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