Tuesday Tunes

Well I guess I can blame my mood on St. Patrick, all things Irish, and well, Scottish blood too lol- I’m in the mood for something international for this Tuesday evenin’.

Growing up, I remember my parents listening to a group called the Irish Rovers. They were good.  When I was in my early 20’s the pub a bunch of us hung out at changed owners, and it was turned into an Irish pub.  It was a cool place, and had open mic night every Friday.  Some of those guys were really good musicians, and well I couldn’t help being reminded of the Irish Rovers.

And it helps that the Irish have a good humor about blessings and songs…

OK good, I got that out of my system 🙂

Now let me slow it down with something to satisfy my Scottish spirit…

Alrighty then.  Growing up in Canada, we had our share of rock classics… yeah, you thought I was going to play something by Rush, didn’t you!


I know these guys get slammed a lot, but  I still love this song.

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved this song.  My older brother and his friends tastes in music helped influence my wide range as much as my parents’ did…

OK one more and I’ll give y’all the porch floor.

Another song I love, and I didn’t even realize these guys were Canadian until a few years ago…

Happy Tuesday all! Help me roll up the rug and lets get this porch hoppin!

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