Home Sweet Porch

Sometimes I just can’t seem to get home off my mind, especially since our MG is home, it’s more so on my mind as I think about something to say for today.

Folks know I won’t be around for a few hours today, and that I have to go back to the old place.  Hopefully it will be a cleansing and good thing, even while I made my peace with things when we left and have said my good byes in my heart.  But I know this is something American boy needs.

Home is where the heart is anyway.   This porch is a heart place, and I’m grateful for it. Grateful for everyone who makes it home on the net.

I don’t have anything today as far as articles but I do have a couple of music choices, I’ll leave it up to y’all to post more.  I just want to say again Welcome Home Sweet Green!  What a blessing you are.

No matter what you’ve got going on today, I hope you’ll stop in every now and then, sit for a while,  enjoy some peace and friendship and relax…

Have a blessed day all! I’ll see you when we get back.

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