So last night Suffer was talking about rabbit holes… and well, Daisy and I both have a way of falling down plenty of them these days.   Sometimes probably just because one thing leads to another and another, but other times it’s from looking for interesting things to post about here.

I had posted a song the other night which led to a rabbit hole for both of us, and while I don’t want to focus today’s spotlight on the song just now, because I do have it in mind for something else soon- it did lead me to today’s spotlight feature artists, whom I’d never heard of until I fell into my part of that rabbit hole.

They’re called Shane & Shane…   As is common among band mates, both Shanes met at Texas A&M where they attended. One night after playing with his band in a bar, Shane Everett felt led by God to quit his band and start attending church regularly. Shortly thereafter, he met Shane Barnard, and became part of Breakaway Ministries, a weekly student-led praise and worship service at the college.

In 2002, the band released their first album, Psalms, under the name “Shane & Shane”, and they continued to release albums in the following years. They took a break for a year after the release of An Evening With Shane & Shane, a live CD/DVD. Then the group got back into it and released five albums in the next six years, including The One You Need (2011), which charted at No. 53 on the Billboard 200, making it their highest charting album.

In 2014, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, they launched “The Worship Initiative”, a paid membership website with instructional videos and chord charts for popular worship songs. As part of the project, they have released multiple albums including two Christmas albums. Their studio albums, The Worship Initiative and Psalms II, are also included in the project.

Their bio descibes the Worship Initiative as “a one-stop shop for training, a hothouse environment where all—musicians, worship leaders, budding songwriters—can grow and flourish in their craft and creativity and devotion to the Lord.”

Just making music and playing concerts, I know that there’s a small aspect of discipleship involved in that,” Shane Barnard says. “But we want to encourage people to go to the Fountain, enjoy the Fountain, drink from the Fountain. That’s the ethos of The Worship Initiative. Not just training in songwriting and musicianship.”

I really like the fact that where they lead worship once a week at Watermark church in Dallas, is called “the Porch”  🙂

You can read more about them and the Initiative here.

While  I don’t know much about them other than what you now know, I do love their sound, and wanted to share it with y’all.  Kickin’ it off with the song that led us down the rabbit hole, their amazing rendition of   Andrew Peterson’s Is He Worthy

Here’s a beloved hymn that not nearly enough churches sing too much anymore, so it’s awesome to hear these guys ‘dusting’ it off and reminding us of how Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord!

I have to say I was loving listening to the auto play playing their latest project, Hymns Live…

OK I don’t want to hog, but these folks are sooo good!  One more from me, and then go find your favorites and share them with us 🙂

From their first album, Psalms 

Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday all!

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