Whooo hooo! What’s on the Taco?!

by Sufferfortribe


Hmmmmm…..or is that…..Mmmmmm, what to write about this time? Been quite awhile since I’ve written one of these, being that writers block is something else I suffer from. But our lovely Duckie asked if maybe I could do one, in honor of our returning warrior, Mean Green.

Yeah, no pressure there.  🙂

After giving it some thought, I decided on writing about foods beginning with the letters M and G. Seems like an easy starting point. But since I want everyone to get involved in this thread, I will choose only 3 of each myself. The rest is on you.

Yeah, no pressure there.  😀


So let’s get started with the M’s.

First up will be macaroni and cheese. Yes, I cheated a bit there, but hey, writers can take liberties, right? Now, I’d bet most of us grew up on the Kraft brand of this, but through learning brought about by teaching my son in homeschool, I discovered that the ingredients aren’t as flavorful as the dish itself. Learning can be a real bummer sometimes, can’t it?
Recently I discovered a brand called Simple Truth organic. They have cheddar and white cheddar flavors, but I stick with the deluxe cheddar type. Who’d a thunk it, organic mac and cheese?

Next, a fish that I like to say is like steak, because of it’s texture. Thick yet tender, Mahi-mahi is absolutely delicious…and absolutely costly. It’s rare when I purchase it, but a treat when I do. Did you know it’s a type of dolphin fish, but not to be confused with the dolphin that’s a mammal? Hawaiians named it mahi-mahi to avoid this misunderstanding. If you buy some, it’s recommended that you grill or broil it.

Okay, now a favorite of mine—mozzarella cheese! If you like cooking Italian dishes, this is the cheese for you. But I myself use it for sammiches, burgers, or just to snack on. It’s a cheese that softens more as it ages, which is preferable to me.

Legend has it mozzarella was first created accidentally, when cheese curds fell into a pail of hot water in a factory in Naples, Italy. Now whether that’s true or not, who cares? It’s good stuff!



Now, on to the G’s.

First one is something I use constantly, on just about everything—GARLIC!  So what if it supposedly gives ya bad breath, it’s sooooo good, and adds a wonderful flavor to most foods. Plus, garlic has been said to have healing properties, such as the ability to reduce blood pressure (yay) and to stimulate digestion and relieve gastrointestinal inflammation, though I know of a simpler, natural way to relieve that.  🙁

I’ve read where the history of garlic dates back to early civilization, when pyramid builders ate garlic for strength and endurance. I wouldn’t know for sure, because I’m not that old, but maybe…..oh, I better not start something.

Next is a favorite veggie of mine—green beans. These are awesome, because they are quick to make, good for you, and inexpensive. I like mine steamed, because of the texture that gives them. Their versatility also is a bonus, as I use them as a side, or in a rice bowl, or just by themselves as a healthy snack. Yeah, I don’t get many of those healthy snacks.

Okay, this last one is something I’ll eat, but only because of its main ingredient. It’s guacamole, which you know has as its base AVACADO!! Yes, I put 2 exclamation points, because I love that stuff, and was able to sneak it into this thread. Hah.

Now, traditional guacamole is made with mashed avacado, onion, coriander (whatever that is), and chilies. And the uses for it are endless. Most times it’s used as a dip, but I can picture it as a substitute for stuff like mayonnaise (yuck) on sammiches or as a topping on just about anything.

Guacamole Cheeseburger

Myself, with my stomach sensitivity, I prefer just the mashed avacado part. Plus, it’s ready quicker that way.

Now, being that this is a What’s on the Taco thread, let’s look at if the foods I’ve listed are conducive to use on tacos.

1) Mac and cheese? Well, I guess if you’re feeling different, sure! Heck, I’m even gonna try it next time I make some.
2) Mahi-mahi? Oh, absolutely! Fish tacos, anyone?
3) Mozzarella cheese? Yes, a nice change up from colby jack.
4) Garlic? A no-brainer here.
5) Green beans? Okay, I’m not sure these will work, but I’m open for suggestions.
6) Guacamole? Though I prefer straight avacado, I guess you can use this if you fancy.


Well, Mean Green, I hope you like this welcome home present just for you. You are special to us, as are Snake Eater and Bam Bam! And I’ve already got some foods in mind for them, too.

I hope everyone has a blessed and glorious day today.

Now, let’s eat!


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