I Think I Love Saturdays

Howdy and happy Saturday all!  Hang up your hat, grab a chair and visit for a while.   A couple of weeks ago, we had some interesting “Would you Rather” questions, and well, both Suffer and I had the same idea for today as I commented that I was trying to get something written for more questions- and Suffer asked why not do more questions.  🙂 Great minds and all that- even though he gets brain freeze and I do not.

So, today’s ‘theme’ is to get us to thinkin’…

Would you rather:

Be Gideon with an army of 300 against 135,000 or Joshua trusting that walking around and shouting would bring down the walls of Jericho?

See a behemoth  or hear Balaam’s donkey talking?

Be  Abraham and be told you have to kill your only son not knowing that he’d be saved or be Isaac knowing that your father would be willing to sacrifice you?

Be in the stable when Jesus was born, or be in the tomb when Jesus was Resurrected?

Build the Ark or build the Temple?

See Elijah vs. baal priests sacrifices or witness Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego survive the fiery furnace?

I’ll look forward to reading your answers 🙂

For the next part of thinking, it involves hearing.  I listened to these 2 parts of Ravi last night, and boy he’s got a lot of incredible wisdom nuggets throughout this speech.  He covers not only the long creeping of Eastern philosophies into the Church, but also the inspired words of an atheist on the only thing which can ‘save’ Africa (which makes me think of this past Mark chapter about knowing in the head vs. getting it into the heart).
He also has a shared heart bit about the church that I’ve had on my heart for a long time too.    Both videos are about 25 minutes long, so I hope folks will take some time today to listen. While he’s one of the most brilliant apologists of all time, what I really appreciate about Ravi is that he really does make people think.

Well, I’m thinking I’d rather not do chores today, but unfortunately things pile up during the week and I need to get after cleaning up around here. But I’ll pop in and out today as usual, and hope others do too no matter what you’ve got going on today.

Have  a blessed and beautiful day y’all!

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